How do I make a receipt using Make Receipt?

How do I make a receipt using Make Receipt?

MakeReceipt creates receipts quickly and easily. It is an absolutely fabulous resource for you if you are in need of creating a receipt for a transaction.

The purpose of the website is fairly simple and straightforward – make receipts for purchases you made or for your customers. Many of the receipts in the receipt creator library at MakeReceipt are restaurant or small business receipts.

Let’s take a look at one of the receipt templates in detail to get an idea of how this system works.

Notice that the MakeReceipt system automatically calculates the tax field based on the tax percentage provided. It multiplies the SubTotal of the receipt by this percentage (5%) to get the tax value and then displays this tax value on the receipt.

Receipts come in many sizes and formats. MakeReceipt can create receipts that look like they are printed on a thermal printer. It also is able to generate receipt in PDF format to allow you to easy print, send to a customer or client or submit the receipt via your company’s expense tracking system.