How to make a receipt on Word

How to make a receipt on Word

Making a receipt using Microsoft Word is easy! A good way to start is by using a template that has already been started for you. Here are a few options for you to create a receipt using Word using a pre-made template.

DOWNLOAD – Home Depot Receipt Template – Word .DOC format

DOWNLOAD – Lowes Receipt Template – Word .DOC format

Getting Starting Making a Receipt Using Word

First, download one of the receipt templates to your device. Then, open the receipt template using Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Next, modify the receipt with the proper business information and purchase information. Since these Word receipt templates do not automatically calculate sub-totals, taxes or totals, you will need to have a calculator handy to do some number crunching. Make sure you adjust the date and time to match your intended purchase timeframe. Also look for places where that date and time are repeated on the receipt template and modify those with the matching information.

Tips and Tricks for Making Receipt on Microsoft Word

You may have to shrink the receipt template using the Ctrl-+ ZOOM feature on Microsoft Word to get it to appear in the window properly. If you don’t have Microsoft Word on your computer you can also open these templates using Google Docs. It works really well for these receipt templates and allows you to send the receipt for editing / viewing to other people very easily.

If you want to adjust the receipt font on the receipt template, select the entire receipt (Ctrl-A) and then choose a new Font using the Word font selection tool. That will change the font for the entire receipt template for you and allows you to adjust the font size, type, style and more.

Alternatives to a Word Receipt Template

There are several great alternatives to using a Word receipt template for making receipts. These are specific receipt making tools that are available online or through app stores. They are a major improvement over a Word receipt template since they offer many different varieties of receipts and have business logic built in to make receipt making as easy as possible.

ExpressExpense – This tops our list as the best receipt maker available. It is extremely easy to use and offers over 50+ receipt styles. Many of the receipts match popular services (Uber, Home Depot). There are a few free receipt styles that are available for use. ExpressExpense also offers an iPhone and Android app to allow making receipts easy from your mobile device.

ReceiptWriter – Another receipt maker that is fairly new and happens to be free to use. Lo