E-receipts in Email Marketing

E-receipts in Email Marketing

Today, in any kind of business industry you’re into, everything is competitive. Whether you have an online store or in-store, using electronic receipts is widely used. With advancements in technology, marketing, or any promotional offers are improving a lot better digitally. You can market your business in many different approaches by adding marketing campaigns at the bottom of the e-receipts you are emailing to your customers.

There are different kinds of marketing strategies and these are important for any business. Setting up automated email marketing campaigns is one of the strategies that can easily reach your target customers and also the cheapest and the most competitive ways. But there are some factors to consider when you want to add promotional offers or any kind of marketing announcement. 

  1. Be direct and truthful. When sending digital receipts to your customers and they entrusted their email information make sure they don’t receive any marketing promotions or offers unless they request to do so.
  2. Don’t spam customers. Send emails that are only related to customers’ previous purchases or relevant information that you think your customers value most.
  3. Give them an option. If customers want to unsubscribe to any emails, give them the right to do so. Be respectful as you are privileged to have them as your loyal customers.

There will always be new or existing competitors around and having consistent growth and performance are never an assurance. It is important to always find new market opportunities to grow to be able to stay ahead in this competitive business environment.

Many business owners use electronic receipts and customers finding it very convenient. Handy, accessible, safe, and effortless, and many customers prefer to receive promotional content via emails as they get easily informed with the trends, such as:

  • discounts or coupons offers
  • sales announcement 
  • new arrivals of stocks/items
  • new product or service to offer
  • FREE items to get when you availed of specific items that are part of the store promotion or you purchased a certain amount
  • raffle tickets to get when your receipt is deemed valid for the store or product promotions 

Sending emails to customers has a higher chance for more transaction rates that make the company more profitable. Constant communication is being served which results in giving excellent customer service. Customers have a great interest when they feel that they are being valued and get the attention they deserve. You also encourage more future interaction with your existing customers when links to your social media pages and online store website are added to your receipts.
Everything is more productive since it is accessible not just on computers but on mobile phones. Mobile apps on iOS App Store MakeReceipt and Google Play Store MakeReceipt are the easiest way to make a receipt on your phone anytime you need it. You can even customize, edit and download your receipt quickly in 3 easy steps. You can change the fonts, add logos and modify any receipt details to create your custom receipts. SIGN-UP now and let’s start adding more marketing opportunities.