Start Your Business Using E-receipt

Start Your Business Using E-receipt

We always take advantage when it comes to innovation in technology. We want to be ahead in the industry we are into. The competition will always be around your business venture and what always matters is your bottom line to be able to stand out or if not, to be a successful one and get to inspire people with your strong and determination.

For businesses and customers, receipts are significant and it gives security on both ends. Paper receipts get crumpled, fade, and lost while digital receipts are conveniently accessible. With mobile apps – using Apple Store Apps and Google Play Store Apps – everything is handy and this became a relevant factor in the decreasing demand by businesses for paper receipts. Same with merchants, paper receipts become unnecessary when they need to send email receipts to their customers. You will notice that digitizing your receipts will tremendously enhance your business operations, administrative work, and customer service experience. 

Here are the recommended digital receipt makers that you can use for your business:

  1. MakeReceipt. A receipt generator that lets you create a receipt for your business demands. The receipt templates in the library are professionally designed to match today’s common receipts in your countries. You are allowed to customize, edit or download your receipt on your devices. Both accessible on a laptop or mobile phone and you can generate a receipt in just 3 easy steps. You can JOIN to get full access and choose your desired membership plans – available are Standard, Pro, and Enterprise.
  1. MakeReceipt. The world’s easiest way to make receipts for customers or expenses. You can create a receipt for FREE using your phone or laptop. Trusted by thousands of people in 84 countries. Yes, you heard it right! Simply choose a receipt template that matches your business needs, customize it and you can download, print, email, or text the receipt directly to your customer. Using the mobile app is impressive and everything turns more productive. JOIN today or read the FAQs to know more about the system.
  1. ExpenseFast. It is a powerful visual receipt editor that has brand name receipt templates. Its receipt library offers 100s of the most famous receipts in the world and you can even request a new receipt template. GET STARTED and make unlimited receipts with high-resolution output.
  1. InvoiceWriter. It is an invoice maker that is accessible from your phone or laptop. You can generate an invoice in 3 easy steps. It has a large library of invoice templates such as hotels, services, travel, hospital, repair, and more. Invoices are created in PDF and HTML format. They also have invoice templates in Word and Google Doc format. Many of the invoice templates are exact replicas of common hotel and business service invoices. Sign-up or visit the FAQs page for more details.

Just think of how much paper receipt and invoice is wasted every day. It brings harmful effects on the environment because of deforestation and millions of trees are cutting down. Moreover, it is not healthy for the people as paper receipts generated are also toxic. Starting your business with the use of e-receipt will lessen the risk of exposure significantly. For an existing business, you can switch to digitizing receipts as thermal paper receipts are not recyclable and it gives a negative impact on our mother nature. 

Start your business using e-receipt today! Save more time and money, save the earth, save yourself.